Data with a purpose

Are you spending hours tracking data and pulling reports for your Young Living business?

Save hours of time each month and get the reports you need to drive volume and excitement for your business.

Introducing OilyTrends

You've never seen anything like this before!

With OilyTrends you'll be able to:

Track your business data trends over the last 12 months and make informed decisions based on real-time data to boost your business.

View members in your organization who are not on LR but have ordered within the past 12 months.

Look up the top enrollers in your downline for the month and how many members they've enrolled. Use this report to recognize your top enrolling leaders or even run incentives for the top enrollers on your team.

View first-time enrollers in your downline and how many members they've enrolled. Use this report to reach out to leaders and recognize their efforts to share oils.

How much is OilyTrends?
  • "OilyTrends saves me so much time! I can easily pull a report to see my top enrollers or people who qualify for Elite Express. It literally would have taken me hours and hours of time each month to look that up."

    -Tracey B.

  • "I can't imagine running my business without it. I used to spend a ton of time pulling my stats each month, but now it's all in OilyTrends and I can see how it's trended over the year. I'm such a visual person so this shows me exactly how my business is growing."

    -Sarah P.

  • "I love to encourage my team and use OilyTrends to help me with that. I can see who are the top enrollers or first time enrollers, and then reach out and recognize team members. Rather than spend my time pulling reports, I spend my time motivating my team. "

    -Christina S.